I am living in Johnson, Vermont, where I have been working and meditating at the Center for Mindful Learning's Monastic Academy program since early 2015. Here's what I am up to:

  • - In my meditation practice, I am cultivating an energetic, calm breath that is allowing me to explore creativity, playfulness, spontaneity, and letting go.
  • - I have had many roles and duties during my time at CML- two years now! I currently have the role "Service," which is mainly responsible for our Modern Mindfulness for Schools Program. I recently wrote a letter suggesting that people give mindfulness to a teacher or classroom they care about.
  • - I recently launched my long-awaited project, Mind Body Attention. The website has the minimum viable amount of content, but there is more to come.
  • - I have been in a polyamorous relationship for a year (!) and am enjoying exploring that modality of seeking happiness and cultivating human interactions. It is a whole new world for me but it makes a lot of sense to me and makes me happy.
  • - I am using my relatively new Antergos Linux machine as my main computer right now, but do sometimes use my OS X machine.
  • - I am reading too many books for how little time I have to read. I tend to read books about meditation and spirituality, polyamory and human relationships, and also books that support me in my various work and personal projects. You can see what I am currently reading here.

I last updated this page on January 22, 2017.